Monday, April 30, 2007

Guys Gone Wild

Alright so I'm sure you're familiar with Girls Gone Wild, and yes there is a guys version of the DVDs. Girls, you may think its funny go get this DVD as a gift or maybe even get drunk at watch it. Let me just tell you now, don't do it. You're gonna think its funny, maybe a little gross but a funny gross. It's not. It's not a whole lotta funny just a whole lotta gross. So even if you think you can handle it, you may think you're different and that it's not going to be as gross for you as it is for others. But, it will be. So Just Dont Do It.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Little Known Fact

I am a closet gangta rapper. Yes, that's right I know pretty much ever song lyric to ever rap song that has ever been made. Try to test me. So I love that my mom went out and bought me The Gangsta Rap coloring book, complete with read to color in pictures of everyone from Snoop Dogg to DJ Qick. Gotta love it, I already colored in about half of them. Just plug in your ipod, scrool to all the rao/hip hop music you have, and get yo color on.. fo!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So creepy, ad totally what I would do to my family if I were a member of snl!

New Computer Time

So Im in the process of looking for a new computer because as much as I love mt little Mac book, it sucks for wathcing movies on. However, I do love my Apples so Im looking for a good deal on one with a gigantic screen so it can double as my TV. Pretty much, I don't need TV anymore unless I want to play on my Wii. They really need a way to make it so I can play my Wii on my Mac. If anyone knows if that is possible and wants to let me know how to do it, I will love you forever!

Best music video ever!

I love Adam Levine! This video plays non-stop in my apartment so check it out!


So because I should be strudying for finals, and I'm really stressed out about all my classes, I decided it was a good idea to go to Disneyland this week. It actually works out cause then I'll have some motivation to actually get a head start on all my work since I am pumped to get on Space Mountain!!! I haven't been to D-land in forever and I get to go with the coolest people ever (except for Ashley K.) Anyway, it is really exciting and I've been planning this trip forever so I better actually do some studying so I can still go! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Secret Bunny

So me and some of my roommates did Secret Bunny-- like Secret Santa but for Easter. Even though it's a little late, all the gifts were pretty funny so I just wanted to give a shout out to the girls who did get the stuff together (Pohlen we're still waiting for you.) Anyway, I got a Mr. Potato Head Play-Do set and a hip-hop gorilla that dances to the song Tootsie Roll along with a TON of candy. Thanks again guys!

PS Ashley I hope you still are rockin that key chain muahhahahaha